In equestrian sports, the horse is a vital partner to the rider.
Riders learn from their horses and are grateful to them; both encourage one another, even when things are not going well, and they become one in order to aim for the highest possible standards of performance.
These are the partners who have supported Akane’s career to date.

Toots - Gelding /2000/KWPN

A superhero, who helped her realize her dream of reaching the Olympics.
A big horse - he is 188cm tall (to his withers, in front of the saddle), so that looking up at his face he seems even taller – he is actually rather timid.
Despite this, in competition, his high tension means that he is a great performer.

Don Luka - Gelding /2001/OLDBG

A great friend in battle, who was the first horse Akane rode as part of the Japanese team under the national flag.
He is proud and patient, and rarely scared of anything, which allowed him to put up an excellent performance at the vital early rounds in the Olympic competition.
In training with Akane, he is able to be very patient, although he is sometimes seen wiggling his ears in frustration!

Radames 34- Gelding /2001/OLDBG

The first horse Akane rode in international competition in Europe, where dressage has a long history.
He is friendly and always looks for an apple or a carrot when he sees Akane.
He is skilled, flexible and dynamic when he performs.
He is known for his beauty and is an expert at the St. Georges class.

Uranus van’t Muiken Gelding /1997/BWP

Uranus has the same name as the only Japanese horse in history so far to win an Olympic gold medal.
His full name means “Uranus from the house of Muiken.” Akane partnered with him for eight years and he has been alongside her as she learned many of her skills, becoming like a father to her and having assisted her in becoming widely known nationwide as they compete together.


Dressage riders wear a silk hat and coat tails, making them look like something straight out of medieval Europe. Dressage is a competition category at both the Olympics and the Paralympics. The rider and horse have to become one in order to provide a brave, dynamic performance, the beauty and accuracy of which compete in terms of artistry. Dressage is loved throughout the world and is seen as the most beautiful and elegant of all equestrian sports.